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Eging Translations has developed a division specialized in providing onsite interpretations, both consecutive and simultaneous. Interpretation is the oral translation of spoken language. It is a complicated and comprehensive process that requires good language skills and in-depth knowledge of subject areas. It can be simultaneous (known as simultaneous interpretation) or consecutive (known as consecutive interpretation). 

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is the process of orally translating speech into another language after the speaker speaks. Usually the interpreter listens and takes notes while the speaker talks and then delivers the interpretation while the speaker is silent. This is commonly used in business meetings, negotiations, and press conferences. 

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation, also known as simultaneous translation, is the oral translation of spoken language into another language, at the same time and same rate of speech as the speaker. There are always at least two interpreters who cover alternate 20-minute sessions to avoid stress. They sit in soundproof booths listening to the speech whilst delegates listen to their chosen language through their own receivers. 

When it comes to interpreter services, quality matters. With the best interpreters in the country, Star Translation Shanghai has a clear advantage over other translation agencies in China. Most of our consecutive interpreters are Bath, Leeds or GSTI graduates, and our simultaneous interpreters are all UN, EU or AIIC certified. Clients can be assured that our services will more than meet their expectations. 

We can also provide on-site coordination and rent simultaneous interpretation equipment, including soundproof interpreter booths, conference discussion systems, and all related sound and audio components.

Eging Translations will work with your team to establish the best technology for your interpretation needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have with respect to the right technology.

Simultaneous Interpretation Transmitter

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