Phone Interpretation

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Eging Translations has a special division dedicated to high-quality and cost-efficient live phone interpretation services. Through today’s advances in Internet and telecommunication services, live over-the-phone interpretations are becoming a viable option for real-time multi-lingual communications.

Our operators are trained to handle live human phone interpretations to and from over 170 languages covering all subject matters. From complex medical matters to legal depositions, Eging Translations’ phone interpretation service interpreters are on call to ensure you have a productive and successful multilingual meeting.

As with all of our service offerings, Eging Translations adheres to strict confidentiality and quality standards.

Eging Translations is the provider to over 5,000 clients worldwide and is Eging by the most reputable organizations in the world. Whether you need business, legal, medical, educational, or customer service-related phone interpretation services, Eging Translations is your cost-effective and reliable solution.

Over The Phone Language Interpretation

Eging Translations has taken the time to provide a full suite of services to fulfill your language needs, including our live, over-the-phone language interpretation services also referred to as “human phone translation services or phone translation”. This service provides our clients with the unique possibility of calling a secure private line and accessing our on-call live interpreters capable of interpreting to and from over 170 languages. Our telephonic interpretation service is simple. All you do is call our toll-free interpretation number and within seconds one of our live attendants will have an expert phone interpreter to help you with your communication. It is that easy.

Organizations of all types, including hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, law firms, non-profits, etc., can benefit from this cost-effective, easy-to-use phone interpretation service. You can even access our number from abroad to help you communicate when traveling and working in non-English speaking countries.

The essence of this service is to communicate the meaning of what the parties are saying so you can accomplish your primary objective -- effective communication. Eging Translations can even have the call recorded, transcribed and sent to you via email for your records.

Telephone Interpretation Services

Eging Translations utilizes a proven approach to providing high-quality telephone interpretation services. Our process involves the use of experienced interpreters coupled with best-of-breed telecommunications technology. Eging Translations’ commitment to its customers is to provide uninterrupted telephone interpretation service on a 24 hour / 365 days / 7 day-a-week basis. We have implemented both human resource and technological capabilities. At your request, we will staff your conference with an interpreter specialized in a particular subject matter. Eging Translations’ telephone interpretation services are built on a solid foundation of human resources with experience in specialized fields and who have a proven track record of interpreting in a professional environment.

What to Expect from Our Over the Phone Interpreters

Every time you call Eging Translations for professional over-the-phone interpretation services, you can expect an interpreter with the following characteristics:

  • Professional and courteous
  • Subject matter expertise in the necessary areas
  • An ability to clearly express themselves in the languages required
  • Bound by strict confidentiality agreements
  • Tools to be able to transcribe and record the call upon request

As a Eging leader in the language industry, you can rely on Eging Translations for all your Over-the-Phone interpretation needs.

Over the Phone Language Interpretation Pricing

Eging Translations’ phone interpretation rates are based on a price per minute that varies depending on the language and the complexity of the subject matter. It is important to understand the different terms of art used in connection with live telephone interpretation rates and pricing. Telephone interpretation is also referred to as the following: Human phone interpretation, phone translation, telephone translation, human phone translations services, telephonic human translation and over the phone interpretation services. These services are normally charged by the minute with no set minimum. In-person interpretation services are normally charged by the hour with a minimum number of hours. An additional rate may apply to the phone interpretation price if you need to connect to a third party via telephone. This charge is normal and is intended to cover the long-distance charges of connecting to another telephone. You can avoid these charges by setting up a conference bridge prior to the call. Call us today for a free quote and to find ways to minimize the cost of your phone interpretation requirements.

At Eging Translations, we understand that while you and your organization have clear objectives, you also have budget constraints. Hence, we have structured our over the phone interpretation service so that it is not only easy to use but also extremely cost effective. We charge a flat per-minute fee depending on the language pair. Thus, if all you need is 17 minutes, you only get billed for 17 minutes. Further, you will also save by avoiding travel and insurance costs often associated with in-person interpretation services.