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Software developer steps up to the world stage via translation services and website localisation

For over 25 years Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions (Lantek) has offered innovative software solutions and services for the sheet metal processing industry. Based in Spain, the company has offices in over 15 countries, employing more than 200 professionals around the world.

What Eging Translation achieved for Lantek

Consistent translation quality

Reduced localisation costs

25% growth in sales

The challenge

When Lantek was looking to meet demand from new international markets the company identified a need for full translation services, in order to develop sales in new territories. Lantek engaged Eging Translation to provide translation and proofreading of website content, microsite content, and sales materials in languages including Chinese, Turkish and Korean.

As a global company, Lantek understood the need of communicating correctly with new markets, and the importance of localisation. This requirement becomes more important due to the fact that Lantek operates in a very specialised sector, which means that the technical language is unique in every country.

For Lantek it was crucial to have a high translation level but also accuracy using the right technical industry terms.

How Eging Translation helped

Lantek had used a number of translation providers with mixed results before turning to us. We supplied Lantek with translation test pieces to the company’s specification.

The team at Lantek was pleased with not only the quality of the translations, but also the project management processes put in place by our team, which kept the translation process under tight control, and always transparent to the customer.

Since we’ve been working with Lantek, there has been real growth in interest from new markets and greater traffic to the Lantek website, leading to an increase in enquiries.  Global business sales grew by 25% over the course of 2012.

Website traffic has grown by between 20-25% within the last two years, while there has also been a significant increase in enquiries from businesses located in countries such as Germany, Poland, South Korea and China.

Consequently, Lantek believe the services provided by Eging have opened up opportunities in various new markets.

What Lantek said

“Since working with Eging we have become a real global business. We can act everywhere knowing we have a strong partner to support our communications and marketing operations. With other translation providers we were identifying a lot of mistakes and the overall quality was poor. However with Eging, not only was the quality better, but if mistakes were identified, they were rectified and not repeated. This gives us a lot of confidence, and we are happy to work with the team at Eging Translation.”

“The positive results are everywhere; we have grown in web traffic 20-25% last 2 years and we increased significantly our brand awareness in Germany, Poland, Korea, and China. All of this is partly due to the efforts of the team at Eging, definitely.”