Chinese construction equipment: building a brighter future_Shanghai Translation Company

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China may be the manufacturing heavy weight champion of the world, but other small global players in the construction equipment industry are gaining ground fast.

Linguistic and cultural knowledge is essential to forming good and successful business relationships in China as local business principles are slow to adapting to those of the Western world. Foreign companies need to make use of language service providers and localise their services in order to get an equal footing in a market where local corporations have a linguistic edge.

Construction equipment manufacturers in China are expected to make $230billion in global sales in 2022. European and North American construction equipment manufacturers are playing catch up.

Ben Beech, our Business Development Manager within the Manufacturing and Engineering team, has written an article for MultiLingual magazine in which he identifies some of the problems in the construction industry worldwide, and what European and North American firms need to do in order to stand out in China.